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About Us

Welcome to the Silicon Valley Bujinkan Dojo. Our training group incorporates the Bujinkan training method of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. The fundamentals of Ninpo Budo Taijutsu have their roots in ancient warrior martial arts; the Bujinkan Dojo ("Training Hall of the Divine Warrior") transmits the teachings of these arts. The Bujinkan is not a single specific martial art, but rather a culmination of techniques and training methodologies from nine different martial lineages that have been passed on to Hatsumi-Sensei. These include both Samurai and Ninja traditions:


- Togakure Ryū Ninpō Taijutsu   "Hidden Door School"

- Gyokko Ryū Kosshijutsu   "Jewel/Jade Tiger School"

- Kotō Ryū Koppōjutsu   "Tiger Knocking Down School"

- Kukishinden Ryū Happō Bikenjutsu   "Transmission Of The Nine Demon Gods School"

- Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutu   "Divine Transmission Of The Fudo School"

- Takagi Yōshin Ryū Jūtaijutsu   "High Tree, Raised Heart School"

- Gikan Ryū Koppōjutsu   "Truth, Loyalty and Justice School"

- Gyokushin Ryū Ninpō   "Immovable Heart School"

- Kumogakure Ryū Ninpō   "Hiding In The Clouds School"


Taijutsu is a purely self-defense combat martial art with no competitive aspects and is not a sport. The International Bujinkan Dojo is based in Noda City, Japan, and is directed by the 34th Grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. Our primary focus for students is the development of a well-rounded self-defense repertoire, coupled with a respect for self and others. Through training, students learn personal security, discipline and a code of life-long values. Taijutsu relies on proper body alignment, positioning, and use of distance, angles and timing coupled with tactics and strategy rather than upper-body strength, performance and speed; as a result, individuals of all body sizes can benefit. Perceiving and controlling the tactical space between yourself and the opponent is critical to mastery. The training includes punching, kicking, grappling, throwing, and the use of training weapons. Samurai, Ninjutsu and koryu tactics are taught with modern combative strategies. A key component of our training is the incorporation of "warrior ethics," and the dual-life (protection of self and others) value system based on the ideals of the late Robert L. Humphrey, noted conflict resolution specialist, and author of "Values for a New Millennium." This value system helps students identify and evaluate "real" threats, thereby, assisting in the appropriate action. We develop respect for self and others, discipline, coordination, agility, confidence and life-long values. Patient, sincere adult students (18+) are welcome; no experience necessary.  Please contact us for more information. 

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