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David Givens

Mr. David Givens began Bujinkan training more than 20 years ago with Shidoshi Ken Lux. Mr. Givens passed the Go Dan test in 2000 and has been leading training since 2001. He travels to Japan regularly to train directly with Dr. Hatsumi and top Japanese Shihan, and has been given the rank of Ju-Go (15th) Dan by Hatsumi-Sensei. At home in the U.S., he attends seminars given by Jack Hoban, who is the Co-founder and Subject Matter Expert for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. He has also traveled to New Jersey to train at Mr Hoban’s home dojo. He also regularly trains with other top Bujinkan instructors.


Mr. Givens works in the aerospace industry here in California and enjoys music, playing guitar, art and (although currently retired) amateur ice hockey.

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